Anathema (UK) - 1st Set
Pool Stage - 8pm
Highlights: Untouchable 1 & 2, A Natural Disaster

Kristy and I had never heard of Anathema prior to the Progressive Nation at Sea announcement, but they quickly became favorites in our playlist. Uncertain of how difficult it would be to get a good viewing spot, Kristy and I arrived at the pool early. The crowd wasn’t bad at all. We sat on a step on the pool deck and waited. As the crowd grew, I could tell that we wouldn’t be able to see well from a seated position on deck 12. Kristy is more comfortable sitting, so she went up to deck 13. I prefer to be in the action. I feel a greater energy surrounding myself with the die-hard fans and making eye contact with the band members, so I moved up close to the stage. Kristy and I kept this positioning for most shows. She’d be watching from the railing above, and I’d be four or five people back from the stage.

Anathema’s style of music is a new taste for me. I believe their newer stuff is classified as symphonic rock. The band has a unique talent for taking something as simple as repeating a four chord progression for 6 minutes and keeping it interesting. They add new layers of instrumentation and voice patterns slowly building toward crescendo.

They opened with “Untouchable 1 & 2,” which was a clear crowd pleaser. Vincent and Lee hit all the vocal harmonies perfectly through the night. Danny served as cheerleader, never missing an opportunity to get the crowd moving.

[Full Setlist: Untouchable Part 1, Untouchable Part 2, Deep, A Simple Mistake, Dreaming Light, Thin Air, A Natural Disaster, Closer, Fragile Dreams]

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